Karl Klein – Every Patient is Unique: New Chapter, New Challenges, New Hope

In the summer of 2023, the life of Karl Klein took an unexpected and dramatic turn. A series of symptoms – severe headaches, loss of field of vision, and difficulties in finding words – led to his hospitalization, where a stroke was diagnosed. After initial treatment in the hospital, he was transferred to a stroke unit.

The first step in his rehabilitation journey

Following the diagnosis in the hospital, he began his rehabilitation journey in a clinic in Germany. There, his personal needs and goals for his rehabilitation were barely considered. He felt misunderstood and unheard. Due to this dissatisfaction, he discharged himself after only 2 weeks.

The path to cereneo

The search for a more suitable rehabilitation clinic led Mr. Klein and his daughter to cereneo. The deciding factors for their choice were the positive feedback from their acquaintances and the specialized offerings in neurological rehabilitation.

At cereneo, an individual rehabilitation program was developed for Mr. Klein, tailored to his specific needs and goals, with a clear focus on improving endurance and coordination through targeted movement therapy, supplemented by technology-supported therapy sessions with the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment). An important part of his therapy was also visual training in neuropsychology, to restore the visual impairments caused by the stroke.

The individual care and understanding Mr. Klein experienced with us differed significantly from his previous rehabilitation experiences. He particularly appreciated the understanding, listening, and attention to his individual needs by the professional staff. A key aspect of his time at cereneo was clarifying the specific causes of his stroke, which helped him better understand his situation and act accordingly.

Looking to the Future

On the day of his discharge, Mr. Klein reflected on the progress made and plans for the future. In the final discussion with Dr. Leopold Zizlsperger, adjustments to his diet were also discussed. A tailor-made training plan for home is intended to help Mr. Klein continue his recovery after discharge.

The team at cereneo is proud to have supported Mr. Klein on his path to recovery. His motivation and willingness to actively participate in his rehabilitation were impressive. We thank Mr. Klein for his trust and openness and wish him all the best for his future.

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