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We accompany patients on their entire recovery process.

cereneo is a Swiss neurorehabilitation clinic providing innovative and personalised treatments to patients who have experienced a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries and other neurological diseases.

We support patients throughout their entire recovery process from intensive inpatient rehabilitation, the transfer back home and therapy in your familiar environment with a cereneo therapist to online rehabilitation.

No matter where you are in your recovery process, we can support you to maximize your health.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

A fully personalised therapy programme based on your needs and wishes in one of your clinics.

Transfer to
your home

Assessment of your home environment and safe transition back to anywhere in the world.

at home

Together with a cereneo Home therapist you start your rehabilitation at home and integrate it in your daily routine.


Continue your rehabilitation at home via online channels and stay connected to the clinical expertise and network of cereneo.

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Toto Wolff about his experience with cereneo

We believe in medical innovation.

Our clinical team uses the latest scientific findings, technologies & treatment methods, such as robotics or VR games, to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Moreover, we work together with leading universities in Europe and the USA. Together with the cereneo foundation, Lake Lucerne Institute (LLUI) and the University of Zurich, we initiate neuroscientific studies ourselves to further develop neurorehabilitation, define objective and measurable standards as well as new interventions and technologies to support therapy at home and online therapy.

We measure treatment success.

Each patient receives a highly personalized neurorehabilitation programme. We measure each patient’s progress on a weekly basis using a standardized assessment concept.

These assessment results are used by the interdisciplinary team of neurologists, therapists, nurses, engineers and researchers to adapt therapies and adjust equipment to the individual patient’s progress and needs, thus fostering independence and recovery.  Receiving this constant feedback about the own improvement, patients remain motivated to go beyond their limits.

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