Continue to improve your health:
intensive rehabilitation programme
for long-term stroke survivors

What phase of rehabilitation are you in:

Successful rehabilitation after a stroke is a life-long, continuous process.

Studies show that progress often slows down after the first 3 months of stroke rehabilitation and leads to a plateau. At this point, most patients are back at home  training on their own or continue with outpatient therapy.
This does not mean that the rehabilitation process has reached its end. In fact, recovery can continue for many years as long as patients continuously work on their rehabilitation.
After returning home, the intensity of therapies often decreases significantly. Especially if you are basically doing quite well, the motivation to continue working on various deficits alone often drops.

Why another inpatient rehabilitation?

It’s been a while since your stroke and are you only doing little self-training? Are you generally coping well with everyday life, but are noticing that certain deficits are getting worse again?
An additional inpatient rehabilitation stay can help you to find new motivation and work on your individual deficits with renewed drive and energy:

Invest in your health with continuous therapy.

The advantages of our refresher programme with up to 4 therapies per day.

Interprofessional team
of experts

With access to our experts in the fields of neurology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and neuropsychology, you can work specifically and intensively on concentration difficulties, rapid fatigue, compensatory behaviour, gait improvement, word-finding difficulties and other specific challenges after a stroke.

Individual therapy planning

Through a comprehensive analysis of your needs, a customised therapy plan is created together with you to address your individual deficits and set specific goals for improvement.

Prevention of complications

Targeted therapies can reduce the risk of further complications, such as a new stroke, heart disease or diabetes. This contributes to comprehensive health promotion.

physical resilience

Targeted training improves physical endurance to counteract rapid fatigue during physical activity and helps to increase your general fitness.

Holistic approach
to health

In addition to therapy, nutritional advice and health management can be integrated to optimise nutrition, increase energy and thus promote your long-term health.

Avoidance of posture-
related complaints

Targeted gait pattern improvement and postural adjustments during therapy not only reduce the risk of posture-related complaints, but also promote mobility and independence.

Our Refresher programme in March & April:

Continuously improving your quality of life:

Through regular and intensive inpatient therapy sessions, you can work specifically on your individual deficits in order to noticeably improve your quality of life. Our offer in March and April for individual stroke rehabilitation is a 14-day refresher programme to maintain and optimise various functions:

We accompany you on your entire recovery journey

No matter where you are in your recovery process, we are can support you to maximise your health.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

A fully personalised therapy programme based on your needs and wishes in one of your clinics.

Transfer to
your home

Assessment of your home environment and safe transition back to anywhere in the world.

at home

Together with a cereneo Home therapist you start your rehabilitation at home and integrate it in your daily routine.


Continue your rehabilitation at home via online channels and stay connected to the clinical expertise and network of cereneo.