Precision rehabilitation to build the foundation for your recovery

Neurorehabilitation at cereneo aims at getting you back to a normal life without disabilities.

cereneo provides you with a comprehensive & intensive rehabilitation programme during your stay in one of our clinics. The inpatient stay is the crucial foundation for a successful recovery. A stroke, a traumatic brain injury, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis or other neurological diseases are life changing events and can affect one or several of your brain functions, such as speech, movement, thinking and concentration.

Our interprofessional team of experts consisting of neurologists, therapists, engineers, scientists and nurses create a tailor-made therapy plan for you using the latest technologies and innovative treatment methods.

Benefits of inpatient rehabilitation.

Admission international patients.

Our team will lead you through the entire admission process and helps you with any questions around your stay at cereneo. At any point of time during your admission process, you can book an online consultation with one of our experienced neurologists to clarify questions or uncertainties around your health and rehabilitation programme.

Your First Contact

Your request finds the way to one of our experienced International Patient Managers, who will contact you within 48 hours to verify your specific needs.

Your Personal Offer

After clarifying your needs, we will evaluate the medical reports internally with our neurologists, therapy and nursing team and develop a recommendation for the individual therapies along with the required level of nursing.

Acceptance & Admission

Once you have accepted the offer and cost coverage is approved, our International Patients team will organize your journey to cereneo together with you. We support you in all matters from transportation to cereneo, obtaining a Visa, over finding accommodation for family members.

Your arrival at cereneo

On your first day, you are welcomed by the Patient Relations Team in the clinic. After check-in, you will make a clinic tour, meet the rest of the cereneo team and start your rehabilitation process.

Admission Swiss patients.

At cereneo Hertenstein we welcome patients with coverage from a Swiss health insurance. You do not need nay add-on (private) insurance. For Swiss patients the admission process is handled by cereneo, the referrer and the health insurance.

Talk to your doctor or social service contact regarding a rehabilitation stay at cereneo.

Luxurious & private neurorehabilitation at cereneo Vitznau

cereneo Vitznau offers discrete, private and individual rehabilitation combined with 5-star superior hospitality, where world class service and rehabilitation connect the best of both worlds.

The clinic is connected to the Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the most elegant hotels in Switzerland, located against the breath-taking backdrop of the Swiss Alps. All rooms are bright, harmoniously decorated and accessible. We understand that one’s family plays a crucial role in the recovery process and therefore provide accommodation for all family members if needed. At cereneo Vitznau, we offer:

Modern neurorehabilitation combined
with excellent care in Hertenstein

cereneo Hertenstein offers excellent neurorehabilitation in a modern environment, while enjoying 4-star hospitality and accommodation.

The clinic is connected to the Campus Hotel Hertenstein, a modern hotel located directly at the beautiful shore of Lake Lucerne. Family members can stay in the hotel or in one of our private apartments in close proximity to the clinic. You can enjoy a variety of activities designed to allow you to explore the surrounding area and recharge your batteries for the intensive rehabilitation programme:

Idyllic, safe & central location

At cereneo, you don’t need to compromise between a peaceful atmosphere and an optimal connection to everything the Swiss healthcare system has to offer. In case of a medical emergency, patients can be transported to the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ) in 15 minutes by helicopter and 45 minutes via ambulance. The USZ is internationally renowned for its specialist care in all disciplines. Thanks to a strong partnership in both research and care between cereneo and the USZ, both transport and admission to USZ can be arranged without any delays.

Distance to airport Zurich: 45 min by car

Distance to hospitals with complete range of medical services:

Explore the beauty of Central Switzerland

Family members will find a large selection of activities to set off on a discovery tour to explore the region around Lake Lucerne. Whether they prefer to hike up the mountain or take a gentle stroll through the Old Town of Lucerne, your family will find the perfect excursion from our selection to enjoy Central Switzerland:

Visitor information.

Relatives and friends are always welcome to visit patients. To avoid conflicts with our patients’ therapy schedule, we kindly ask visitors to contact our reception (+41 41 399 67 00) in advance.
Parking is available on both clinic sites.

Family members and friends who want to stay for a longer period may contact our reception. We support you in finding local accommodation.

Find answers to frequently asked questions:

cereneo stands for unique services – a great combination of state-of-the art and highly individualised neurorehabilitation and hospitality service at a 4 or 5-star level. cereneo provides you with all the necessary means to achieve the highest degree of independence possible. cereneo accompanies patients beyond the inpatient stay in a clinic with transfer at home and therapy at home with a cereneo therapist or online rehabilitation.

We treat various neurological conditions as part of a neurorehabilitation programme. You can find the complete overview of the conditions we provide rehabilitation for here.

During your stay, our team of professionals from multiple disciplines will always support you to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of your rehabilitation. Your personalised programme will be designed and regularly assessed to try to reach a maximum recovery. Our case managers will always be available to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

You or your family member contacts us. We receive your medical status and charts, which will be discussed internally by our medical team (taking into account privacy and data protection requirements). Based on your wishes and medical needs, we will send a personalised offer to fit your requirements. After accepting the offer, we take the necessary steps to organise your travel to and stay with us. You will arrive at cereneo, starting your neurorehabilitation recovery programme. During your stay at cereneo, you will have intensive and personalised therapy on a daily basis. Your progress will be regularly discussed by our medical team. Before completing the rehabilitation programme, we will discuss with you how we can best support you in your recovery journey going forward to ensure a seamless support and ongoing progress. We will support your transfer home and help you to continue your rehabilitation in your home environment on a daily basis or how to get started with online rehabilitation.

At cereneo, our main spoken languages are English, German, Russian, Arabic and French. Furthermore, we offer bilingual administration & translating services in various languages for our international patients. Our team is international, which means that different languages ​​can be spoken with the patients and their families. If, nevertheless, translators with medical knowledge are desired on site, we can organise them within short notice. Translation services over the phone can also be organised spontaneously.

Most of the family members or other companions stay close to the patient, this could be in one of the accompanying hotels e.g. Park Hotel Vitznau or Campus Hotel Hertenstein. On request, we can make other arrangements. For more information about accommodation contact us directly via the contact form or call us +41 41 399 67 00.

Please send us the patient’s medical records so that we can forward that to our specialists for an assessment. Of course, all data is treated confidentially.

We recommend sending us your complete files (medical reports, laboratory results, CT or MRI files etc.). The more information we have the better. Our team will also send you a patient questionnaire to thoroughly assess your case.
All data can be sent to us by email:

or by post to: cereneo Schweiz AG, Hertensteinstrasse 162, 6353 Weggis, Switzerland

Upon agreement and varying by location, usually your main physician or neurologist provides your personalised medical files.
Please contact us via telephone at +41 41 399 67 00 or fill out the contact form here, to speak to one of our case managers. Our case managers will guide you through the process and administration of getting your family member admitted, taking your family’s wishes and needs into account.

Family members are always encouraged to join or visit our patients. Family cohesion can support the motivation of the patient immensely and might contribute positively to the recovery outcome. The involvement of someone’s social environment is important to us and considered to be a part of our therapy concept. If the patient agrees, we welcome family and friends and close acquaintances to help our patients recover. Our specialists will do everything to assess each case individually and provide advice, tips and guidance on how to support the patient during and after the therapy, e.g. in your home.

We are an international neurorehabilitation centre and we welcome patients from all around the world. At cereneo, there are many experts that will do everything possible to adjust your rehabilitation programme to your personal requirements and needs, always taking culture, language and food preferences into account as well.

For family and friends who support the patient during their stay, we also organize excursions and events, which can be related to everyday-life or hobbies for example. For patients, taking part in tours or hobbies can be an integrative part of therapy as well. On request, we also offer various other excursions and activities that have an active, cultural or simply recreational character.

We offer support with the organisation of your complete trip to and from the clinic and are happy to prepare everything to welcome you and your companions at cereneo. During your stay you will be hosted by our interprofessional team consisting of neurologists, therapists, nurses, nutritional experts, engineers, researcher and your dedicated case manager. After you have completed your inpatient rehabilitation programme, you can choose to be accompanied home by a cereneo Home therapist – making sure you are fully supported in your home environment. For more information on cereneo Home services click here.

Yes. Our case managers are dedicated to make the start of your rehabilitation programme as easy and convenient as possible. Over the years we have established good relationships with embassies, and we are familiar with the various visa requirements and the application process.

Everything we do is focused on enabling individuals with the knowledge, tools and technologies needed to recover, sustainably manage their health and rehabilitation as well as continue to pursue their personal ambitions. Our therapy concept is designed for patients to take control of their health and recovery, shorten the time in a hospital, provide tools and ideas to self-manage rehabilitation in daily life settings.

For an inpatient stay, therapy sessions usually start at 8.30 am with sessions of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your abilities. You will have 1 on 1 (private) therapy sessions as defined by you supported by our neurologists.

Inpatient stays should last a minimum of 2 weeks, but this varies greatly on the progress and goals of each patient. The average stay of patients at cereneo is around 8 weeks. After the inpatient stay, you can continue your therapy at home with a cereneo Home therapist accompanying you or via online therapy.

All therapy sessions are individual one-to-one sessions. This allows the therapists to concentrate on your specific needs. If you like additional group sessions, we will look for other patients with matching therapy goals. However, because we have only small numbers of patients (11 in Vitznau, 23 in Hertenstein) this is rarely the case.

Doctors are available on call 24/7. Doctors’ rounds take place twice per week. Individual appointments with a doctor can always be scheduled, if you wish to discuss any particular aspect of your treatment or progress.

As our therapies and treatments are developed for the specific needs of each patient, costs vary largely depending on the required therapy and interventions as well as the level of nursing. People from outside of Switzerland can visit cereneo on a self-pay basis. However, we recommend to check with your health insurance for reimbursement.

We accompany you on your entire recovery journey

No matter where you are in your recovery process, we are can support you to maximise your health.

A fully personalized therapy programme based on your needs and wishes in one of your clinics.

Assessment of your home environment and safe transition back to anywhere in the world.

Together with a cereneo therapist you start your rehabilitation at home and integrate it in your daily routine.

Continue your rehabilitation at home via online channels and stay connected to the clinical expertise and network of cereneo.