Collaboration between cereneo and the Therapy Science Lab at LLUI

At cereneo, our goal is to offer our patients individualized treatment based on their specific deficits or goals. No stroke or Parkinson patient is alike. To make their treatment as effective as possible, every rehabilitation programme is personalized to maximize rehabilitation results. Therefore, we support patients along their entire recovery process from an inpatient stay to therapy at home and online therapy.

Incorporating latest technology and newest scientific findings

To maximise rehabilitation outcomes and improve quality of life in the long run for patients, we are developing and implementing innovative therapy concepts for therapy at home and online rehabilitation with the goal to integrate the latest technology and devices to help track training progress at home and support patients in their daily life.

As such, there is a strong collaboration between the clinic and the newly established Lake Lucerne Institute AG (LLUI), an independent modern research facility in Vitznau. The Therapy Science Lab at LLUI works with the cereneo clinics and the cereneo Home team in the further development of the therapy concept, and as a senior scientific advisor in the development of online treatment modules to support a wide range of patients.

How do the patients at cereneo profit from the collaboration?

Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to support patients beyond their inpatient stay with individualized therapy at home and online therapy worldwide. Continuous rehabilitation is a key success factor in the recovery process of each patient. Especially after an inpatient stay continuous therapy plays a crucial role in maintaining, strengthening, and further enhancing regained functions and abilities to support independence and improve quality of life for patients.

Find out more about the Therapy Science Lab at LLUI.

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