Boost your recovery
at the comfort of your home

What are
boost sessions?

Our boost sessions, led by experienced physiotherapists and speech & language therapists, are designed to provide targeted assistance for individuals facing specific challenges in their rehabilitation or treatment plans. The boost sessions with a personal therapist will take place at the comfort of your home.

Your boost sessions with our physiotherapist
and speech & language therapist:

Tailored to
your needs

Our Boost Sessions are personalized to address your unique needs. Whether you're overcoming a plateau or aiming to speed up your recovery, our team of experienced therapists is here to provide that extra push. We understand the importance of individualized training, and our sessions are tailored to target the specific issues hindering your progress.

At the comfort
of your home

To ensure your comfort and convenience, our therapists will visit you at home. This eliminates the need for travel, making the rehabilitation process more accessible and comfortable for you.


Choose the duration that suits you best! Select between 3 hours per day or 7 hours per day, with a minimum commitment of 3 sessions per week. This flexibility allows you to align the Boost Sessions seamlessly with your schedule and pace your recovery journey accordingly.

When & where can you book a boost session?

Dates Location
12. to 24. April 2024
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
20. to 31. May 2024
United Arab Emirates

Why choose our boost sessions:

We accompany you on your entire recovery journey

No matter where you are in your recovery process, we are can support you to maximise your health.
The boost sessions are part of our rehabilitation at home programme.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

A fully personalised therapy programme based on your needs and wishes in one of your clinics.

Transfer to
your home

Assessment of your home environment and safe transition back to anywhere in the world.

at home

Together with a cereneo Home therapist you start your rehabilitation at home and integrate it in your daily routine.


Continue your rehabilitation at home via online channels and stay connected to the clinical expertise and network of cereneo.