A new type of Interdisciplinary Treatment Concept

Supporting the brains self-healing abilities and re-learning functions requires training, the more personal and intensive, the more effective. Herewith our new type of treatment concept is based on three pillars:


1. Personalised, Intensive Treatment

When treating patients, we take into account their individual requirements and needs, using the highest possible intensity and measure the success of our treatments.


2. Application of the latest Findings from Research & Science

We apply state of the art scientific and research findings, thus ensuring the best possible rehabilitation using the latest treatment methods and training equipment.


3. Inclusion of Family & Social Environment

We include family and social environment in the treatment process creating an atmosphere that optimises treatment success.


We believe that this new type of interdisciplinary treatment concept can significantly improve rehabilitation success after neurological illness or brain injuries. For more detailed information and how we can help you, please contact us!

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