Irene Christen


Irene Christen joined the cereneo team in 2012 when the clinic first opened. From the beginning she has been actively involved in the company’s growth. Although her professional background is in therapy, Irene also gained experience in project-based and operative activities as well as the everyday clinical practice. Being born and raised in central Switzerland, she is deeply connected to the place and the people living here.

For Irene people are always the centre of attention regardless of whether they are patients or employees. As CEO she strives to further expand and strengthen the structures of cereneo to offer their employees a stimulating environment that motivates them to achieve extraordinary performances in the field of neurorehabilitation.

  • European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, Hogeschool van Amsterdam (2014-2016)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration, University of St. Gallen (2017-2019)
  • cereneo Schweiz AG: CEO (since 2018)