A neurorehabilitation programme is a lot of work. You and your family should have the peace of mind to focus fully on your recovery. That’s why we take care of every detail and support you throughout your entire treatment journey.


cereneo Vitznau

cereneo Vitznau offers discrete, private and individual rehabilitation combined with 5-star superior hospitality, where world class service and rehabilitation connect the best of both worlds.

cereneo Hertenstein

cereneo Hertenstein is our new rehabilitation center offering excellent neurorehabilitation in a modern environment, while enjoying 4-star hospitality and accommodation.

cereneo Vitznau

Luxurious and private

cereneo Vitznau is connected to the Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the most elegant hotels in Switzerland, located against the breath-taking backdrop of the Swiss Alps. All rooms are bright, harmoniously decorated and accessible. We understand that one’s family plays a crucial role in the recovery process, and therefore provide accommodation for all family members if needed. At cereneo Vitznau, we offer patients an exceptional rehabilitation experience supported by world class professionals from the medical and hospitality section.

    • 24/7 on-duty service by our care team and neurologists.
    • Excellent medical infrastructure and close to several top acute care hospitals in case of emergency.
    • Provision of an individual culinary experience designed by our nutritionist.
    • Discrete and private rehabilitation.
    • Luxurious accommodation and hospitality:
      • Medical Junior Suites
      • Medical Suites
      • Medical Residences that meet the highest desires and expectations.
  • Located in the world class and 5-star exceptional Park Hotel Vitznau with access to Hotel facilities such as the Spa and Michelin star decorated restaurants.
  • 24/7 Hotel concierge services.

cereneo Hertenstein

Modern neurorehabilitation
and excellent care

cereneo Hertenstein is connected to the Campus Hotel Hertenstein, a modern hotel located directly at the shore of Lake Lucerne. Family members can also stay in one of our private apartments in close proximity to the clinic. You can enjoy a variety of activities designed to allow you to explore the surrounding area and recharge your batteries for the intensive rehabilitation program. The newly built clinic offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities and equipment and you can directly benefit from the insights and knowledge provided by our integrated research team and partners.

  • 24/7 on-duty service by our care team and neurologists.
  • Excellent medical infrastructure and close to several top acute care hospitals in case of emergency.
  • Provision of an individual culinary experience designed by our nutritionist.
  • Modern design and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • All rooms are for single use (some can accommodate escorts or family members).
  • Our services meet the highest standards of first-class hospitality
  • Variety of activities and hospitality services, accessible through Campus Hotel Hertenstein, such as kayaking, (boat) excursions, a gym and sauna.

cereneo Vitznau
where elegance meets excellence

cereneo Hertenstein
medical expertise combined with modern design


Idyllic, safe and central

At cereneo, you don’t need to compromise between a peaceful atmosphere and an optimal connection to everything the Swiss healthcare system has to offer. In case of a medical emergency, patients can be transported to the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ) in 15 minutes by helicopter and 45 minutes via ambulance. The USZ is internationally renowned for its specialist care in all disciplines. Thanks to a strong partnership in both research and care between cereneo and the USZ, both transport and admission to USZ can be arranged without any delays.

Distance to airport Zurich: 45 min by car

Distance to hospitals with complete range of medical services:

  • University Hospital Zurich (USZ): 15 min by helicopter, 45 min via ambulance
  • Hospital of Lucerne (LUKS): 5 min by helicopter, 22 min via ambulance
  • Hospital of Schwyz: 5 min by helicopter, 15 min via ambulance

Visitor Information

Important COVID Information for Visitors

In order to protect our patients and staff in the best possible way, the following regulations currently apply to visitors and guests:

In Covid-19 times, the following rules apply to visitors:

  • Please arrange visits with the reception. You can reach the reception desk Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on +41 41 399 67 00.
  • For relatives of in-patients who do not live on the cereneo campus: 2 designated persons per patient, 2 hours each per day, to be coordinated via the reception only Mon – Fri (8 am – 5 pm).
  • Visits to the outside areas are permitted on weekends.
  • A general mask requirement applies.

How can we help you?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you
need any advice or support.

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