New clinic: cereneo Hertenstein

Following the successful establishment of a branch in Vitznau (CH), cereneo is expanding yet further by having opened another clinic in Switzerland, this time in Hertenstein, Weggis.

We spoke to Irene Christen, Managing Director of cereneo Schweiz AG, to find out more about the reasons for the expansion and the company’s plans to recruit additional staff.

Ms Christen, why is cereneo building another clinic in Switzerland?

cereneo was founded with the ambitious goal of making neurological rehabilitation more transparent and more effective; we aim to leverage the full potential available in this field for our patients’ benefit, by liaising closely with the scientific community and using cutting-edge technology and methods. At the same time, our new measurement procedures are providing better insights into the quality and success of individual patients’ treatment. We’ve been able to realise this goal on a small scale over the past seven years, and now we’d like an even greater number of patients to experience it.

A second site in Switzerland will allow cereneo Schweiz AG to treat more patients, but it will also make the company more flexible. Once cereneo Hertenstein is open it will be easier for us to cover staffing requirements, and we will be able to tailor our treatments even more accurately to patients’ individual needs. We will also continue to evaluate new technologies and update our overall approach at both sites to ensure that it reflects the current state of the art.

Will there be any differences in the treatments offered at cereneo Hertenstein and cereneo Vitznau?

No, the treatments on offer will be essentially the same at both sites, and the focus will still be on the rehabilitation of neurological disorders, in particular strokes. The only difference will be the facilities and the setting in which patients are treated. cereneo Vitznau is located within the grounds of the historic Park Hotel Vitznau, and guests can stay overnight in this five-star hotel – with other members of their family, if they like. cereneo Hertenstein is a modern new building, and almost every room has a view of Lake Lucerne. Both sites are in unique locations and enjoy direct access to the lake.

cereneo Hertenstein is scheduled to open in October 2020. Are you already recruiting new staff?

Yes, we’ve already started the recruitment process. We‘re looking for motivated individuals – in particular nurses and therapists – who would relish the challenge of being involved in the launch and early stages of a new rehabilitation clinic.

What does an applicant need to be successful at interview?

We‘re continuously enhancing our treatment plan and the services we provide in our clinic to ensure that patients can benefit from the very latest scientific findings, and so our employees need to demonstrate a certain level of curiosity and willingness to engage with new technologies, scientific methodology and digitalisation. Given that we‘re a relatively small clinic providing highly personalised treatment, it’s also vitally important for applicants to have a proactive attitude to day-to-day clinical routines and patient care, and to be real team players.

What does cereneo offer its employees in return?

cereneo is a dynamic company with a friendly working environment, and it offers a wide range of different opportunities to progress. We make it a priority to help motivated employees to advance within their areas of interest.

Multi-specialist collaboration is not just a fancy term that we like to bandy around at cereneo – it’s something we experience on a daily basis. Nurses, therapists and doctors work side by side in our clinic for the benefit of the patient, and the focus is on ensuring that each individual receives treatment from a multi-specialist team rather than from individual specialists working alone. Another priority is for every employee within the team to be able to contribute his or her ideas and be heard.

What is special about working for cereneo?

We have time for our patients. Each and every patient that comes to us receives a highly personalised treatment plan, incorporating new technologies as and when required. In the future we hope to work even more closely together with engineers who can help us to analyse findings and integrate tools directly into day-to-day clinical procedures, opening up a whole new chapter in terms of multi-specialist working.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.


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