Research Collaboration between cereneo and the Data Analytics & Rehabilitation Technology (DART) group at LLUI

At cereneo, our goal is to offer our patients individualized treatment based on their specific deficits or goals. No stroke or Parkinson patient is alike. Each patient at cereneo comes with different deficits and goals. To make their treatment as effective as possible, every rehabilitation programme is personalized to maximize rehabilitation results. This is only possible through regular assessments and monitoring. These results are shared with the patient and our medical team is able to make data-driven decisions about the progress of each patient and adapt therapies accordingly.

Incorporating latest technology and newest scientific findings

To improve rehabilitation outcomes for our patients even further, we work with the latest technology and devices, such as robotics and VR games. The clinical treatments at cereneo are based on the latest scientific findings. As such, there is a strong research collaboration between the clinic and the newly established Lake Lucerne Institute AG (LLUI), an independent modern research facility in Vitznau. When it comes to objective assessment and monitoring, clinicians can rely on the expertise of the researchers from the Data Analytics & Rehabilitation Technology (DART) group at LLUI, who work at the intersection of technology, neurorehabilitation, and data science and develop, evaluate, and implement technological approaches to neurorehabilitation.

How do the patients at cereneo profit from the collaboration with the DART group at LLUI?

DART-Lab technologies are in use throughout the cereneo clinics, enabling the rapid and precise measurement of function with digital tools. All assessment information is curated by the DART analytics engine onto a dashboard, which supports health care professionals in making the best decisions for each individual. DART team members are integrated into the regular clinical assessment scheme, providing, for instance, access to high-end movement capture technologies, fully personalized real-time feedback training, virtual reality training scenarios, or IMU-based monitoring of activity. Lean DART technologies, such as the intelligent ARAT, reduce therapist workloads and allow them more time to focus on the patient instead of filling out reports.

In addition, DART runs the StimuLOOP trial, in which persons with Stroke or Parkinson’s disease can enroll into an intense motor-learning training. In this research trial, motor leaning during the day is potentiated by providing highly specific acoustic stimuli at night in a world-first implementation of the engram-theory for motor learning in rehabilitation.

For more information about the Data Analytics & Rehabilitation Technology (DART) Lab, StimuLOOP, or any other of our many ongoing studies, please click here.

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