Neurorehabilitation is a continuous process

Neurological diseases, such as a stroke, Parkinson, MS or TBI, require intense rehabilitation measures to regain, maintain and maximize lost functions. This can be movement, speech or cognition.

The acute phase

Usually patients start their rehabilitation right after the acute treatment with an inpatient stay in a rehabilitation center with access to an interdisciplinary team of experts covering all necessary therapies.

As rehabilitation is a continuous process, it doesn’t end after the inpatient stay. However, studies show that progress often slows down after the first 3 months of rehabilitation and leads to a plateau in recovery. At this point, most patients are back at home, training on their own or continue with outpatient therapy, which is usually less intense and frequent than during an inpatient stay.

Rehabilitation success in the long run

The end of an inpatient stay does not mean that the rehabilitation process has reached its end. In fact, recovery can continue for many years as long as patients continuously work on their rehabilitation.

To continue regularly with your therapy, cereneo offers online therapy for speech & language, cognition, as well as movement therapy. Online therapy can be easily integrated into daily life and can be done from any place worldwide.

Online Modules

Online therapy can be individually adapted to your personal goals or you can book any of our online modules. The modules have been developed by our online therapy team based on research and experience with online rehabilitation.

Online Module Energy Management

After a stroke, patients may suffer from extreme fatigue which can affect the overall energy level or the ability to concentrate. Thus, our online therapy team has developed the module energy management, which involves learning strategies and interventions to help you optimize and divide your energy.

It is particularly useful for neurological patients with chronic fatigue, exhaustion or who want to optimize their energy levels to be able to participate in everyday life. Click here to learn more about our online modules.

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