Your journey to cereneo

cereneo is one of the world’s leading rehabilitation clinics specializing in the treatment of people with neurological disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury. Our therapy concept is based on a holistic, personalized approach in which the latest research findings and therapy methods as well as innovative technologies are incorporated into the treatment of our patients.

Your contact persons

After your initial contact via our contact form or by email, our International Patient Office team will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours for an initial clarification. In order to provide you with the best possible advice, we need your medical documents, such as diagnostic reports, imaging and discharge reports.

Our goal: your comprehensive support

We are aware of the challenges faced by patients and their relatives with a neurological condition. Finding the right clinic for rehabilitation can therefore be a major challenge. Our team specializes in giving you comprehensive advice, providing you with important information and taking tasks such as organizing transfers off your hands. Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible for you, to provide you with the best possible support and to take the pressure off you.

A rehabilitation plan that brings you closer to your therapy goals

Every patient is unique, even if the clinical picture is the same. Your rehabilitation programme should therefore reflect your personal situation and goals. After receiving and carefully reviewing your medical records with our senior neurologists, we will create a personalized rehabilitation plan for you. This plan is specifically tailored to your goals and you will receive it together with your non-binding offer.

Online consultation

If you would like to speak to our neurologists in advance, we offer the option of an online consultation, which you can book directly via our website. You can find more information here.

Our locations

At our clinic in Vitznau we can host 12 patients. The clinic is directly connected to the 5* Park Hotel Vitznau and benefits from its infrastructure, while the clinic in Hertenstein offers space for 23 patients in 4* quality. Both locations are idyllically situated on the shore of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama. The clinics offer high-quality therapeutic, medical, and nursing services and have additional accommodation options for relatives.

Patient admission

To guarantee the highest quality of care in our clinics, we carefully check that all departments – from therapy to medical and nursing – have the necessary capacity for each patient admission. The admission of patients depends on various factors, including the level of care, the medical complexity and the intensity of therapy. Admission is only possible if corresponding capacities are available in all relevant departments. Nevertheless, prompt admission is always possible. Should there be a waiting time for admission, we offer our patients the option to start their therapies online. You can find more information about online therapy here.


As each patient receives a personalized rehabilitation plan, the costs vary depending on factors such as care level, type and intensity of therapy, additional services and accommodation. We only charge for the services that are actually received. The costs are listed transparently and in detail in our offers.

Travel planning

Our team will be happy to help you plan your journey to our clinic. We can help you organize visas and other documents relevant to your trip. We are also happy to arrange ground and air ambulances or transfers from the airport to our clinics. Our therapists or nurses can also accompany you on your journey from your home to our clinic.

Arrival at cereneo

When you arrive at the clinic, our team will be waiting for you, check you in, show you around our clinic and start the first tests, assessments and consultations. Your rehabilitation journey with cereneo has begun.

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