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In this blog, we regularly publish articles to give interested readers an insight into a wide range of topics from everyday life at the clinic allowing our readers to take a look behind the scenes. These are mostly topics showing everyday patient life at cereneo.

A slightly different look behind the scenes

In addition to the people who care for our patients on a daily basis, there are a large number of colleagues who work in the background and ensure that everyone can do their job smoothly, receive their wages on time or that the necessary work materials are available.

I am Senior Manager Marketing & Communication and have been at cereneo since May 2021. My responsibilities include content marketing, website design and online advertising. Last week, I was able to supervise two exciting projects: the filming of a video podcast on mental health with a former patient of ours in our clinic and a photo shoot for images of our at home and online therapy services. I am also one of the two authors of these blog articles and writing texts is my great passion. In most cases, we research the articles by drawing on a wide variety of sources, but we often also conduct interviews with colleagues, the respective experts, who provide us with the most important information.

A special place

The job advertisement for my job at cereneo got me totally excited and of the various positions I applied for during this time, cereneo was my absolute favourite. I was all the more delighted when I was accepted after several interviews.

The only uncertain factor in my decision was the location. As I live near Zurich, I’ve always worked close to the city or directly in Zurich and the idea of working in Weggis on Lake Lucerne, which is remote for me, was strange. So far away from the any city life… But this uncertainty didn’t last long. The location of our two clinics is simply priceless. The peace and quiet you experience here not only helps patients to recharge their batteries and find peace and quiet, I also enjoy this atmosphere and the breathtaking view of the lake and mountains time and time again.

A special team

In the end, it’s not the fantastic location that makes me enjoy coming into the office every day, but the team at cereneo, the way we interact and work together, the appreciation for my performance and the trust that my colleagues and superiors place in me.

Our values are sincerity, teamwork, motivation, innovation and excellence. And these are not just buzzwords on our website… We always have an open ear for new ideas or improvements, but even if something unforeseen happens in private life, I experience understanding, empathy and flexibility. And when things get stressful, we still enjoy our work because we help each other. Everything is easier together as a team.

Such team spirit is not a given. I’ve experienced completely different places. That’s why I like being part of this team. Of course I look forward to the weekend on Fridays, but on Sundays I always look forward to Monday too.

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