Innovating our movement therapy

As part of the StimuLOOP project, we are proud to announce to extend our movement and locomotion therapy by an innovative technology: the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) from Motek.

The technology allows us to analyse objectively all aspects of balance and locomotion in-depth. The use of virtual reality enables researchers & therapists to assess a patient’s gait pattern to give detailed and automated feedback in the running therapy session.

Any parameter of the system and the person on it can be influenced and recorded. This will rapidly give insights into the context or pathology specific behaviour of a patient, offering possibilities to adapt therapy and to investigate new treatment options.

The CAREN at cereneo is the 20th to be installed worldwide and number 8 in Europe and probably the one with the most beautiful view…

On this project we collaborate with The LOOP Zurich, Motek & prophysics.


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