Going the extra mile…

Our therapists not only strive for the best therapy for our patients, they often go the extra mile with very individual and emotional approaches in the attempt to motivate patients and help them realise what’s possible despite their disease.

Last week, a 70 year old Parkinson patient had the chance to go horseback riding. Even though Erwin is limited in his motion due to his disease, he was on fire when he heard of the horse therapy. His grandchild and nephews are passionate about horseback riding. That’s what motivated him most. Erwin was overwhelmed by the experience with the horses: “I realised that there are no limits, if you only believe and trust in yourself that you can do it!” The motivation and empathy of his therapist Maria, encouraged him to move out of his comfort zone and reach for higher goals.

It was a very special and emotional experience for Maria and Erwin, which they will both remember. “An experience like this is absolutely priceless and the greatest reward for my job”, says Maria.

Thanks for the great effort to go the extra mile… to the whole team!


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