Future Day at cereneo — mega cool!

On 11 November, we welcomed 13 students aged 10 to 14 at our clinic in Vitznau. It was a packed day… the kids were able to try out exercises and therapy equipment in the various professions, such as speech therapy, physio and occupational therapy, nursing and neuropsychology, and thus get a better idea of what one does in the respective professions in everyday hospital life. Here are a few of the children’s voices on the day:

Melisa, 12 years
I learned a lot of things today that interested me. The cereneo clinic already convinced me at the Future Day. At the beginning, we took a short tour through the different therapy rooms. I found that very exciting, especially to see what everyday life is like for people who are unwell. We got to know many professions: speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, neuropsychology and at the end we were able to interview a doctor.

We also rode in a wheelchair and it was an experience to feel how it feels for people who really have to sit in a wheelchair every day. I liked the physiotherapy and the nursing best because I found it mega exciting what the staff told us.

Vincent, 10 years old
What I liked most was that you could get to know the clinic and the individual jobs in which you work in the clinic. At the beginning, we were able to see all the equipment that the patients use for therapy and Chris explained everything to us. What I found coolest was that we could try out everything that the patients normally do, for example playing games on the iPad, driving a wheelchair or putting on a tape. We interviewed a doctor called Leopold, who told us a lot about his work.
Another cool thing was that we ate pizza at lunch!

Jael, 12 years
I really liked everything today: The rooms where patients learn to walk again after a stroke or how to drive a car. There is even a pool where the patients can walk more easily. Speech therapy is also mega exciting. Here, children or adults learn to pronounce words correctly. We could even ask a doctor questions. We learned about speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy, neuropsychology and nursing. Mega exciting! There were sooooooo many different professions. Everything was explained well. It was a cool and successful day. It was worth it!


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