Faces at cereneo: The passion for helping people

In August 2023, Kristina started her career at cereneo as an Assistant Team Leader in Nursing. We are delighted to introduce her in this article and to tell you more about Kristina, her passions and her journey to cereneo.

Why a career in nursing?

Kristina’s path to nursing was shaped by personal experience. Her early exposure to healthcare through a family member’s illness ignited a passion for nursing. Interestingly, it was the popular television series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that further influenced her decision. “I’ve always had a strong desire to help people,” says Kristina. “You could even say that I have a helper syndrome. I always had a good sense of how to help someone.”

A journey through healthcare

Kristina’s professional journey began with training as a healthcare assistant in a nursing home in Littau. She then moved on to visceral surgery nursing at a cantonal hospital, where she also completed her higher education as a certified nurse. However, she completed her higher education studies in neurorehabilitation, also at the cantonal hospital. “I was fascinated by neurorehabilitation,” she explains. “The way the brain works is incredibly interesting to me”.

The decision to join cereneo

The decision to join cereneo was influenced by several factors. Kristina was looking for an environment where she could grow with a smaller, more agile organization. “The larger structure of the cantonal hospital where I previously worked had its challenges. I struggled to contribute my ideas and it was difficult to implement even the smallest change requests. At cereneo, I see the opportunity to grow personally and develop with the company and my team.”

A warm start

Kristina describes her start at cereneo as challenging, as she started during a hectic period due to staff illness. However, she found the team exceptionally kind and supportive. Thanks to her familiarity with the care documentation system, she was able to adapt quickly and take on responsibility early on. She felt accepted and valued by all teams from the start. Exciting projects to improve team communication are already underway.

A different working environment

Compared to Kristina’s previous jobs, cereneo offers a very different working environment. She highlights the improved flow of information, interdisciplinary teamwork and the organisation’s commitment to advanced research and technology as key differentiators. “Although there is always room for improvement, I really appreciate the proactive approach at cereneo,” she adds.

Kristina’s role at cereneo

Kristina’s role at cereneo includes both nursing and team leadership. Her main task is to ensure that her team delivers the highest quality of nursing care. She achieves this through continuous education and training of the team and the implementation of new processes. It is important for Kristina that the team keeps up with scientific advances and that daily operations are continuously optimized.

Inspiration and motivation

Kristina is inspired by her comprehensive understanding of cereneo’s processes and the desire to deepen her knowledge of the organization. “Every day brings a new highlight. I love coming to work because every day is unique and I truly enjoy doing my job.” she says enthusiastically.

She finds the opportunity to initiate change and contribute her own ideas particularly valuable. “When I want to change or implement something, it feels like my own project. This gives me a strong sense of belonging and motivation”.

Kristina’s goal is to gain a deep insight into all areas of cereneo in order to develop a holistic understanding of the organisation. “I want to be at the heart of cereneo and understand everything. In doing so, I emphasize my calmness and taking the time to understand and comprehend everything”.

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