Stroke, a traumatic brain injury, Parkinson or other neurological diseases are life changing events and can affect one or several of your brain functions – such as speech, movement, thinking and attention. cereneo provides a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that allows patients to get better in all areas.

Ideally, we can support you along your entire recovery journey from inpatient rehabilitation to telerehabilitation. However, as every recovery journey is different, you can start your rehabilitation with us at any point in time and we encourage you to reach out to us to determine a rehabilitation plan tailored to your needs and preferences.

The key elements of neurorehabilitation at cereneo

Neurorehabilitation aims at getting you back to a normal life without disability. This may be a challenging process which cannot be accomplished during your inpatient stay.
cereneo has built a unique concept to help patients along their entire recovery process and ensure a seamless support not only during your inpatient stay but also at home – anywhere in the world.
Our concepts are designed for patients to take control of their health and recovery with an intensive inpatient therapy to shorten the time in the hospital, to facilitate your return to your home by providing tools and ideas to self-manage rehabilitation in your daily life and ultimately empower individuals to take back ownership of their health. In our online consultations, our neurologists evaluate your situation and make recommendations on how to start or advance your rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Foundation of success

Building a strong foundation for your successful and sustainable rehabilitation by using our inhouse robotics and data technology to develop a fully personalised therapy concept, supported 24/7 by our team of rehabilitation professionals.

to Home

Returning home

While you are focussing on your rehabilitation at cereneo, we will make an evaluation of your living environment to be able to make recommendations to your family on how to initiate changes to allow for your safety and independence in your home when you return.

@ Home

Therapy at your home

A therapist accompanies you back home anywhere in the world to help you start your personalised therapy plan at the comfort of your home, trains local therapists or personal care givers and helps to set up telerehabilitation.


Manage yourself

Get connected to our clinical expertise and the cereneo network through our flexible telerehabilitation programmes which continuously support you via digital channels, independent of your location.

Your personal
online consultation

A neurologist evaluates your situation, answers your questions and makes recommendations for your neurological rehabilitation that fits with your personal needs, goals and living circumstances.

Medical Check-ups

Our medical check-ups are designed to help you prevent and detect potiential health issues early before causing problems. The in-depth assessments are for patients who want to learn more about their potential health risks. The check-ups comprise diagnostic testing and laboratory results, medical reporting, a tailor-made health plan and individual advice providing you with the support and prevention that you need.

Building blocks for your successful rehabilitation

We will choose from a variety of therapy disciplines and medical services and work in interprofessional teams to find the right neurorehabilitation plan for you:

    • Neurological & neurorehabilitation consultation by our neurologists
    • Movement therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
    • Speech & language therapy
    • Neuropsychology
    • Interprofessional reviews with neurologists, therapists and nurses
    • Neuro-nutrition: consultation with focus on neurological recovery
    • Regular medical assessments

Looking for something else?

Please contact us, and we will do our best
to help you with your individual needs.