Individualised care and treatment for patients on all levels

At cereneo, the interdisciplinary team takes the time to understand every patient’s needs and goals and works hand in hand to create individual treatment plans, including doctors, therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, engineers, nurses and nutritionists. Upon arrival in one of our clinics, each patient undergoes a thorough neurological entry assessment to determine the needed therapies, frequency and intensity of therapy as well as evaluation and possible adjustment of current medication.

During a rehabilitation stay, patients undergo regular assessments which allows for continuous adjustments of therapies along the recovery process. As part of this, our team of doctors visit and discuss their patients in different rounds and meetings every week.

Medical Director Round

In the weekly Medical Director Round, the medical directors, alongside the head of nursing and therapy, convenes to discuss each patient’s progress and treatment plan. This collaborative effort allows for a holistic assessment of the patient’s condition, integrating medical insights from nursing and therapy. It’s a forum where decisions are made, and adjustments proposed with the patient’s well-being and progress at the center of each decision.

Senior Physician Round

Complementing the Medical Director Round is the Senior Physician Round, led by experienced neurologists. Here, a deeper dive into the medical intricacies of each case occurs, with a focus on refining treatment strategies and addressing any emerging challenges in the pursuit of optimal patient care and rehabilitation progress.

Interprofessional Conference

Once a week, the entire team of doctors, therapists, scientists, engineers and the nursing team leaders come together to discuss each patient’s case addressing all particularities and challenges that might require a change in the individual therapy programme.

Individual Doctor’s Appointments

Recognizing the unique needs and concerns of each patient, our doctors’ visit their patients on a daily basis in individual doctor’s appointments. Whether it’s clarifying doubts, seeking reassurance, or advocating for changes in treatment, these appointments provide a platform for patients to engage directly with their physicians. This is our approach to empowerment and collaboration to pave our patients’ way for a smoother recovery journey.

Considering each patient’s needs and goals when developing and adjusting the therapy programme, the regular contact with the treating doctors is important to give patients reassurance and to stay motivated.

Also, after the inpatient stay, we keep in touch with patients via online doctors’ consultation or online therapy sessions to support them on their recovery journey.

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