Children’s voices on Swiss National Future Day 2022

Zukunftstag 2022

On the National Future Day at our clinic in Hertenstein, the scholars had the opportunity to try out activities that our therapists do with our patients. The disciplines included neuropsychology, speech therapy, movement and occupational therapy, nursing and nutrition.

And this is what the children have to say:

Yara, 11 years
I liked all the things we did, tried and explored. I liked the wheelchair slalom and the brain tests best, but it was also cool to make Zvieri, do taping and look for things. During the break we also played ping pong and during the nursing session we bandaged each other and washed each other’s arms.

We also tasted the food of those who can’t swallow or eat.

In summary, the whole day was cool and very interesting. Thank you for a great day!


Nils, 11 years
I found the professions very diverse and exciting. There are a lot of possibilities. There are different ways to reach your goal. It is very great to help a person. But the nicest thing is when a person in a wheelchair can walk again afterwards. A perfect result! The difficult thing about this job is that you need a lot of patience and you know that things won’t work out right away.

I think there is a beautiful atmosphere here with the mountains and the lake. Because of that, the patients can surely recover better.


Alvin, 11 years
I thought this day was great. I learned what neurology is and what people eat and exercise here. It even has a pool. I thought everything was cool, but most of all riding in a wheelchair.


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