The LIFANA Nutrition Solution

Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. Krizia Ferrini focuses on research and the implementation of innovative solutions related to personalised nutrition and is responsible for administering medical nutrition therapy as part of the healthcare team at cereneo.


Here she provides nutritional assessments, interventions, documentation of care, staff training, individual patient counseling for neurorehabilitation patients. Her nutrition intervention strategies are used to change nutritional intake, clinical environmental conditions, nutrition-related knowledge or behaviour, and access to supportive care and services.


”Together with patients, we set behavior-oriented goals. The challenge for the nutrition client lies not in making the initial dietary changes, but in maintaining them over the long term. Self-monitoring, realistic expectations, and continued follow-up can help a person maintain dietary changes using LIFANA solution.” Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Krizia Ferrini.

Dr. Ferrini is currently planning and implementing the Nutrition Care Plan consulting Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines, conducting experiments to answer critical nutrition questions enhancing interprofessional healthcare teams. Furthermore she will speak about the LIFANA Nutrition Solution at the Healthy Nutrition Conference, on June the 26th, during the AgriFood Innovation Event in Venlo, The Netherlands.


About the LIFANA Nutrition Solution

The Lifelong Food and Nutrition Assistance (LIFANA) Nutrition Solution has been defined as an approach that uses information on individual characteristics to develop targeted nutritional advice, products, or services.



To help elderly people to maintain their BMI as their metabolism is changing with age and their eating habits eventually need to be reconsidered. The approach provides a personalised meal plan that helps users to prevent undernutrition or overweight and to reach their weight goals. Users with limited mobility require assistance with their shopping tasks, therefore LIFANA integrates informal caregivers in the process and provides a connection to a grocery delivery service.



In order to make personalised recommendations, the user is represented in the system by size, weight, taste preferences, allergies, and diet restrictions. The approach is based on meal recommendations instead of food logging to make its usage more convenient by reducing the required interaction with the system, since only deviations from the plan need to be reported. The solution also keeps nutritionists in the loop to benefit from their experience and support their work for clients through ICT. Unless a nutritionist defines individual parameters, the system considers the recommendations of the WHO on food and nutrition.


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