What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system and can progress in different ways, with symptoms often occurring in episodes. The most common symptoms include sensory and visual disturbances lasting days to weeks, as well as muscle paralysis. The disease cannot be cured yet. However, there are a number […]

Robotics in rehabilitation: The Lokomat

The Lokomat is a therapy equipment that has been specially developed for gait training. It is characterised by a variety of features that help our patients to improve their gait pattern already in the early phase of rehabilitation. The exoskeleton, gait patterns, guidance and weight support can be fully customized to the patient’s individual needs and therapy […]

Neurostimulation in Neurorehabilitation

Dr Magdolna Mezes has been working for cereneo as a senior physician in the clinic in Hertenstein since April 2023. Already as a small child, Magdolna was fascinated by books about human anatomy, and an illness case in the family brought her into contact with medicine at an early age. With chemistry and physics as […]

What is that – a rehabilitation engineer?

Rehabilitation engineers develop technical solutions and devices that support patients in their therapy and in addition, support or measure the recovery process in greater detail. They observe patients during their daily activities and consult with treating physicians and therapists to find the best possible solutions. In collaboration with researchers, they can develop entirely new technologies […]

Patient Experience at cereneo

Swiss and international patients from different regions with various cultural backgrounds come to cereneo. Despite the diversity of cultures, everyone shares the same goal: achieving the best possible outcome in neurological rehabilitation. Vulnerable people also have a greater need for social closeness and security. Thus, it is important for us to involve relatives and friends […]

Traumatic brain injury can affect anyone

At cereneo we treat people with neurological impairments caused by a variety of different reasons. One of them can be a traumatic brain injury. While certain neurological diagnoses are commonly related to a certain age group, a traumatic brain injury can occur at any age and caused by many different events: falls, e.g. from a […]

What is speech & language therapy?

Speech & language therapy is often associated with children who face difficulties with speaking or pronunciation. However, it is also of great importance for adults. Especially for people with neurological conditions, such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury or Parkinson’s disease, speech & language therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation. What is speech & […]

Taste and smell – essential senses to improve your nutrition

Malnutrition is a well-known obstacle for severely ill patients, which can impact recovery time and lead to further health complications, for example, infections. The causes of malnutrition can be multifactorial, including, but not limited to insufficient dietary intake, low nutrient bioavailability, medications, dysphagia and increased nutrient and energy requirements. Research has shown that providing nutrient-dense […]

Faces at cereneo – meet Milijana from our Nursing Team

Milijana Vasiljevic has been working for cereneo as a nursing specialist since 2015. In addition to her role as deputy team leader in nursing, Milijana is responsible for supervising the FAGE trainees (a 3-year-dual training to become a health care professional). As a long-time caregiver at cereneo, how do you perceive the last 10 years? […]

Fasting during rehabilitation

When fasting, one partially or completely abstains from food for a certain period of time. There are various reasons for fasting. Some people fast for health reasons. For example, during intermittent fasting, one completely refrains from eating for 16 hours a day.. Other forms of fasting, such as water fasting or juice fasting, can also […]